FarmBot Edu

A technologically capable and user friendly garden bed for the class room and research laboratory. Compliments the FarmBot line of garden CNC machines

FarmBot Edu Garden bed

design and analysis of Technologically advanced garden bed system for Research and Education Institutions

Our Team

Our team consists of four senior Cal Poly engineers responsible for the design and execution of the FarmBot Edu


hans hershberger

systems design lead

Hans was responsible for the design of the removable tray, water supply, and grow light systems on the FarmBot Edu. Hans came to Cal Poly from New Mexico because he wanted to create cool things and surf. During his time at Cal Poly, Hans served as a leader in Cal Poly’s student branch of the Surfrider Foundation, a non profit focused on advocacy and protection of the oceans. Hans is thankful that during his time at Cal Poly he discovered climbing, pottery, and Shell Beach.

Hans is actively searching out mechanical design engineering employment that is technically challenging and near the outdoor activities he enjoys. Until that happens, he will continue to apply his engineering knowledge to personal projects.


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Zach Urciuoli

Structural design lead

Zach was responsible for the design of the FarmBot Edu frame and wheel components. Zach attended Cal Poly for its renowned learn by doing engineering programs and to take in the beauty of the Central Coast. During his time at Cal Poly, Zach joined the Society of Manufacturing engineers, became a lab assistant for entry level machining and CAD classes, and participated in many competitive intramural sport leagues.

At the end of this summer, Zach will be working for Northrop Grumman as a Manufacturing Engineer in Palmdale, CA. Until then, he will continue as a bellman in Pismo Beach.



Morgan Buss

FEA Lead

Morgan was responsible for the finite element analysis of the FarmBot Edu frame. Morgan is currently serving as the CTO of a start-up company that he founded with two of his classmates. His time at Cal Poly has allowed him to build the skills required to properly work with and manage a team of engineers. 

Morgan is currently searching for a form of mechanical engineering or computer science employment to pursue after his graduation this Spring.



Larry Phillips

TesT Design Lead

Larry worked on the design of the drainage system, and also developed the set of tests to be performed on the system once it has been constructed. Larry originally came to Cal Poly because of the environment and the incredible engineering program. He is glad to have taken courses in several different areas of engineering during his time at Cal Poly. There is such a wide variety of experiences to be had at this school. 

Larry is currently working for Lotus Telecom Engineering in San Jose, while also searching for additional engaging career opportunities.  


We would like to express our appreciation to our advisor, Cal Poly Professor Dr. Jim Widmann, and sponsor from FarmBot, Rory Aronson. Dr. Widmann leveraged his years of experience as an engineer and advisor to guide us on our path. Rory was an encouraging and enthusiastic support, always graciously fielding questions and offering insight.
Finally, we are grateful for all the skills that we have learned from various Cal Poly faculty.  Their knowledge, dedication, and love for the students is truly life changing

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