Spring 2020 Projects

Adapted Exercise Equipment Achievement House

The purpose of this senior project was to design and manufacture adapted exercise equipment for Achievement House, a non-profit organization in San Luis Obispo, CA. The goal of the project is to give those with various levels of mental and physical disabilities a new way to exercise varying muscle groups. The final design included a resistance band rack, foot pedaler, and punching bag.

Adaptive Tricycle

Our mission was to adapt and edit an existing hand trike in order to be used by a student from SLO High School, who does not have use of their arms nor legs. We designed three new subsystems that are meant to come together cohesively in order to use the tricycle.

Cal Poly Microgrid Fixed PV Array

Our team has designed an adjustable solar panel mount for the Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering Department to aid in the ongoing solar energy research on campus.

Cal Poly PROVE Lab Endurance Car Composite Body Paneling Design

The Cal Poly PROVE Lab Endurance Car Composite Aeroshell Manufacturing Project is a senior project sponsored by PROVE Lab. The senior project provides the student-run and led PROVE Lab with the tools necessary to design and manufacture the composite aeroshell for the PROVE Endurance Car project.
The primary deliverables of the senior project are highlighted within this page and include: the finalized split lines of the Endurance Car aeroshell CAD and documentation for the mold design process, manufacturing planning and lessons learned, material testing, and finite element analysis.

California Solar Regatta – Hull

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) hosts an annual Solar Regatta competition. This year, two Cal Poly teams worked together to design and partially build a race-ready boat. Our team was responsible for the design of the hull. We designed a catamaran-style vessel for a single pilot to take on speed, maneuverability, and endurance races.

California Solar Regatta – Propulsion

The SMUD Solar Regatta was established to promote renewable energy through solar technology and innovation. For our Senior Project, we designed and built the Propulsion System of Cal Poly’s boat.

Ceramic IR Raisin Drying

The team’s objective was to find an alternative to drying raisins with natural gas ovens. Our proof of concept was successful, and there is a possibility of industrializing the process one day.

Check Valve Design

This web page offers information and details on the 2019-2020 Check Valve Design senior project, sponsored by Zurn Wilkins of Paso Robles, California. The objective was to design a functioning check valve for water piping systems that reduces pressure loss compared to existing check valves that Zurn produces. This project’s scope included the design, prototyping, simulation, and compiling of experimental test data to confirm that project specifications and guidelines were satisfied.

Climate Chamber

Climate Chamber overhaul for the Civil Engineering department. The purpose of the climate chamber is to maintain a specified temperature and humidity for concrete sample research.

Composite LiftWalker for Shurouq

          The picture above shows our final prototype, successfully lifting our team member Daniel Martinez.

The goal of this senior project was to design and build a new version of our project sponsor Charlie Gutierrez’s LiftWalker for Shurouq, our client.

Shurouq is a young woman who lives with her family in Egypt. She was born with multiple health conditions which resulted in leg contractures that have since left her unable to walk.

Charlie’s device, the New LiftWalker, has helped dozens of people with disabilities similar to Shurouq’s. However, Charlie’s standard design is made of stainless steel weighing up to 80 lb, which is both difficult and expensive to send to Egypt. For this reason, Charlie turned to the Mechanical Engineering Department at Cal Poly, challenging us to redesign his LiftWalker out of lightweight composite materials.

Conserving The Legacy of the Swanton Pacific Railroad

The volunteers at the Swanton Pacific Railroad do not currently have favorable working conditions due to inadequate heating solutions in a cold wet environment. Additionally these weather conditions lead to an accelerated development of rust on the locomotives, parts, and equipment. The image above is the team with Matt Wieland on the far left followed by Joshua Giacone and Zack Allen.

Design For Additive Manufacturing

This Senior Project investigates metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) as an alternative to traditional manufacturing processes. The project carries out this study through the redesigning two parts–one for mass reduction and the other for thin-wall warpage compensation.

Doggone It

Peter is a retired military veteran who had his right leg amputated above the knee. He uses a wheelchair to get around and needs a way to get his service dog in and out of his truck safely and easily. Our product will assist with prolonging the dog’s life and mobility.

Electromagnetic Actuator for Camless Engines

The purpose of this project was to design, build, program, and test an electromagnetic actuator that could be implemented on modern-day automobile engines. This project acts as a year-long senior project for four Mechanical Engineering majors at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO)

Electronic Shoe Stretcher

Anthony Martinez, Alex Shaw, Alex Wyman, and Kassidy Tromboni comprise the team known as the Shoe Crew! Their combined knowledge of biomechanics, programming, and machine design has been put to use on the Electronic Shoe Stretcher Project. This project brings to life their sponsor’s entrepreneurial idea for a machine to break in new footwear – exactly the way you would, without the pain of doing it yourself!

FarmBot Edu

A technologically capable and user friendly garden bed for the class room and research laboratory. Compliments the FarmBot line of garden CNC machines

Fox Rundown and Torque Automation Project

This project shows the design process being used to create a machine to aid a FOX Factory assembly process. This machine automates the rundown and torque of a linear bearing into a shock body, reducing cycle time, and more importantly, reducing ergonomic strain.

Fully Adjustable Bite Block

During a dental procedure, patients are often required to have a bite block placed to keep their mouths open for the duration of their procedure. These can be very uncomfortable for patients due to lack of properly-fitting sizes. This project presents an alternative fully adjustable bite block that is affordable, comfortable, and easy to use for dental personnel.

Greenhouse Cooling

Welcome to the 2020 HVAC&R Greenhouse Cooling Senior Project. This project was completed by Kassandra Vega, ZiFeng Zeng, Anthony Pamintuan, and Caleb Granch.

Heavenly Bodies Senior Project

We are a Mechanical Engineering team working on the Heavenly Bodies Senior Project (aka Project Atlas). We were tasked with creating a device capable of lowering and raising planets for the upcoming RSVP play directed by our sponsor, Dr. Barata. Our device is the *revolutionary* windup rod. The windup rod operates by using a hand crank to rotate multiple spools of different diameters along a shared axis. Depending on the direction of rotation, the wind up rod is capable of raising or lowering sets of planets from the ceiling at varied speeds. 

Instrumented Walker Handle Attachment for Pediatric Patients with Cerebral Palsy

Our instrumented walker handle attachment allows doctors at Shriners Hospital in Sacramento to analyze gait patterns of children with Cerebral Palsy using walkers. The attachment accurately measures the load the patients apply into the handles so the doctors can understand and work with the unique gait patterns of each patient.

Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

During the 2019-2020 Academic Year, the Inverted Fluorescence Microscope (IFM) senior project team designed, assembled, and conducted partial verification testing of a proof-of-concept microscope for the Cal Poly Microfabrication Laboratory. To expand the use of fluorescence microscopy accessible to undergraduate students, the team produced a low-cost inverted microscope capable of brightfield and fluorescence illumination, repeatable electronic actuation of the microscope stage, and imaging of a sample under stagnant conditions.

KeyGlove: A Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse Glove

The bluetooth keyboard/mouse glove acts as a portable substitute for a keyboard/mouse combo. It uses pressure sensor placed at the fingertips to act as buttons that have variable sensitivity allowing for customization of the amount of force needed to activate a key press. A gyroscope/accelerometer combo sensor is connected to the glove to convert hand movement to mouse movement, and it uses the pressure sensors again for mouse buttons.

Miniaturized Ultraviolet Imager (MUVI) Instrument Frame

MUVI is a continuation senior project sponsored by the UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory. MUVI Phase III is the third Cal Poly senior project group to contribute to the project. The objective of MUVI Phase III was to design and test the instrumentation frame that would align and house the optical instruments critical to the mission. MUVI Phase III was not the conclusion of the project, but many significant design milestones were accomplished. Once complete, MUVI will be launched into outer space to capture images auroras in the ionosphere to help climate scientists better understand interactions between Earth and space weather.

Modular Cable Buoy

This project portfolio outlines the work conducted by our senior project team of mechanical engineering students sponsored by Naval Information Warfare Center. This agency helps support the Navy’s technical infrastructure through research and development. Our team was given the opportunity to contribute to this effort by researching, designing, and testing a modular auxiliary float.

Mug for Tremors

Mug for Tremors aims to provide a reliable and aesthetically pleasing mug meant to be used by veterans who have developed different levels of hand tremors. This mug uses stabilizing gimbal technology in order to reduce the amount of spilling while keeping a light and compact form.

Optical Filter Selector

The purpose of this project was to design, build, and test an optical filter selector that could rotate and tilt 4 different filters. Later on, we decided to add temperature stability as a stretch goal. This device will be used at the Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory by the project sponsor, Brian Harding, in order to infer properties of the upper atmosphere.

Portable Calorimeter for Fire Experiments

Our project is sponsored by Dr. Richard Emberley to design a portable oxygen consumption calorimeter. This type of calorimeter works by measuring the byproducts of a fire to calculate the heat release rate.

Current oxygen consumption calorimeters are immobile due to their size and are very expensive. Our goal was to design a less expensive oxygen consumption calorimeter that can be used both in the field and within a lab.

Portable Fluorescence Illuminator

The Portable Fluorescence Illuminator is used to illuminate biological samples and view their fluorescent glow. This senior project focused on designing the entire illuminator housing while making it affordable, portable, and recyclable.

Prosthetic Foot Shell

We were tasked by QL+ to design a prosthetic foot shell for a veteran amputee that would last longer than those currently available on the market. We were able to develop a prototype and half-size model before being shutdown due to COVID-19.

QL+ Prosthetic Farming Arm for Cassie

Cassie is a Navy Veteran who lost her arm between her elbow and shoulder a couple of years ago. She currently works on a farm in Oregon where she performs manual labor on a day-to-day basis. Her current prosthetic doesn’t meet her needs related to her work on the farm, so the goal of this project is to create two prosthetic terminal devices to assist Cassie on the farm.

Reading Robot

HAPI is a socially assistive robot that we created with the goal of helping students practice their reading comprehension skills. HAPI enables a student to improve their reading skills without an educator present, while providing positive and constructive feedback. Our device also enables educators to review the student’s performance remotely.

RSVP Spaceship Prop

Our team worked towards designing, building, and testing a spaceship prop for the RSVP XXV: Call and Response performance put on by the Sound Design program here at Cal Poly. It needed to be concealed under a three foot tall stage while holding an actor. It allowed him to enter from under the stage and exit gracefully in front of the audience, while leaving enough space to store a functional guitar for use in the scene. On top of all of this, it had to wow the audience with its sleek shell, actuating hatch, and operational thrusters.

Shadowboxing Stabilizer

The goal of this project is to develop an assistive device to allow veterans and service members with a variety of balance abilities to shadowbox safely.

Spring Loaded Camming Device

Off-width climbing is perhaps one of the more extreme forms of rock climbing where the climber shoves their body into cracks that are often larger than they are. The purpose of our senior project is to design a device that catches off-width rock climbers in case of a fall.

Surf Foot

Our goal was to design and construct a prosthetic leg specifically for surfing for a veteran amputee. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we were unable to fully manufacture our final design.

Surf Sled

This project was designed and built for AmpSurf, a non-profit organization established to inspire and rehabilitate all people with disabilities and their families through Adaptive Surf Therapy and other outdoor activities. Our duty was to create a product that helped persons with lower body disabilities get from the beach to the ocean while lying on their surfboard.

Team Mountain Arm

Welcome to the Team Mountain Arm Senior Project Page! Team Mountain Arm was tasked with designing and manufacturing a new prosthetic arm to allow Cassie (on far left) to go backpacking comfortably.

Thermal Energy Storage for Load Shifting

Physics Professor Pete Schwartz has a hot tub in his backyard and four 425 Watt solar panels on his roof. Currently, his panels heat his hot tub directly using resistive heating elements, and he cannot use his hot tub in the evening. Our team, Ra Energy, designed a thermal energy storage system, so Dr. Schwartz can use his hot tub after the sun sets. Energy storage can shift electrical load away from the late afternoon when people return to their homes, and it is a crucial technology necessary to create a sustainable future.

TMTT Valve Attachment Process

The TMTT Valve Attachment Team was tasked by Edwards Lifesciences with developing an improved process and fixture for a new device in their Transcatheter Mitral and Tricuspid Therapies business unit.

Vibration Isolation System

The Vibration Isolation System Senior Project is a collaborative group project between its
sponsor, Maxar Technologies, and a team of students to effectively design, manufacture, and test
a structural assembly for satellites that is capable of isolating vibrations during launch and orbit conditions.

Wheelchair Storage System

Initially, Ret. Major Peter Way needed an efficient lifting and storing mechanism that takes up a minimal amount of space in the cab of his truck and protects his wheelchair from the outside elements and environment. After speaking with Peter, we made the decision together to focused on designing Peter a universal, easy to use, storage system for his wheelchair.

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