Electronic Shoe Stretcher

Team logo. A black and white spray-paint shoe stencil designed by Alex Wyman
Anthony Martinez, Alex Shaw, Alex Wyman, and Kassidy Tromboni comprise the team known as the Shoe Crew! Their combined knowledge of biomechanics, programming, and machine design has been put to use on the Electronic Shoe Stretcher Project. This project brings to life their sponsor's entrepreneurial idea for a machine to break in new footwear - exactly the way you would, without the pain of doing it yourself!

Our Team



Anthony has studied Human Factors Engineering and Sales Engineering. His work with ergonomic statistics and safety standards helped design the product to target a large demographic, as well as meeting the desired requirements. His background in electrical circuits and coding proved critical for designing the machine’s electronic components.



Alex has solved footwear problems before, working for a season in the outdoor industry fitting and fixing ski boots. His experience with power systems and mechanics guided research, design verification, and test planning for the project. He was heavily involved in materials sourcing, manufacturing prototypes, and cost analysis.



Kassidy provided a strong understanding of the anatomy of the human foot and gait patterns. Through her internship experiences, Kassidy has also worked closely with various regulatory standards, including ISO and ASTM. Her working knowledge of test method design, test method validation, qualification testing, and product specification origination was nothing short of paramount and impactful.



Alex has prior experience in research and development, creating test apparati, and executing testing procedures. He applied his background in mechanical engineering, mechatronics and computer programming, hardware automation and user interaction to design critical machine components. He also has a working knowledge of material science and anatomy.


Proudly sponsored by Judy Ross and Rachel Schoeppner. Guidance by project advisor Dr. Lily Laiho of the Cal Poly BMED department. Special thanks to David Laiho (BMED) and Charlie Refvem (ME) for guidance and advice as well as Ryan Shaw of Worcester Polytechnic Institute for assistance with CAD rendering.

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