Insulated Solar Electric Cooker (ISEC)

Graphic of Insulated Solar Electric Cooker

Our Team

Our team worked alongside the Cal Poly Physics department in conjunction with the larger ISEC team.

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Paige Camacho

Electrical Engineering

Paige Camacho is a fifth-year Electrical Engineering student graduating in June 2020. Throughout her time at Cal Poly she has been involved in the Society of Women Engineers holding various positions and ending her time as the Vice President of Corporate Relations. Paige has also consistently been a part of the Intramural Sports community starting her freshman year, and during her fifth-year held the role of Student Manager overseeing the IM Sports program.

Post-graduation, Paige plans to take her degree in the management direction and will be working as an Operations Manager for the Target Distribution Center in Woodland, CA.

Ahmed Gouda

Biomedical Engineering

Ahmed Gouda is a graduating Biomedical Engineering student with a background in human motion biomechanics and lab experience in biotechnology. He has a skill set that includes Inventor, SolidWorks, Python, OpenSIM, Abaqus and MATLAB. From this experience and his coursework, which has included Cardiac Valve Physiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Dynamics and Fluid Mechanics, Ahmed has gained a particular interest in bioprosthetics and cardiac valve research and design.

Outside of school, Ahmed likes to stay active. He enjoys playing basketball, going on hikes, camping, and running. Community is very important for Ahmed and he hopes to be able to connect the work in the biomedical space to the global community.


Caroline Hodes

Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies

Caroline Hodes is a fifth-year LAES major, concentration in supply chain and theatre arts. She will continue to work with ISEC and its implementation in the fall.

Her background is interdisciplinary, and focuses on project management in an entertainment environment. She also has experience and an interest in project management in healthcare. Caroline will be graduation in December 2020.

Wyatt Johnson

Mechanical Engineering

Wyatt believes being an engineer is a part of who he is; he knows this because he gets excited at silly, dramatic sentences like: “Why” is the most important question; Impossible odds are the best conditions; Unexpected solutions are the most beautiful.

Throughout the five years Wyatt has spent studying engineering, he has been building the vocabulary and the technical knowledge to perform his job as an engineer to the best of his ability. He is just getting started- but as in manufacturing, life is all about continuous improvement and he is eager to continue developing his skills.

Wyatt’s experience in manufacturing and the biomedical industries have provided him a launching platform for the start of his career, one that he hopes will allow him to be a part of something bigger than himself while continuing to feel the individual impact of his creative, problem-solving skill set.


The ISEC Team would like to thank their project advisor, Jim Widmann, for his enormous support throughout the entire year. We would also like to thank the larger ISEC group that we worked closely with, including our project sponsor and team lead, Pete Schwartz.

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