Team Mountain Arm

This image highlights the main people involved with this project. From left to right we have Cassie Perando (QL+ Challenger), Charlie Kolb (QL+ Executive Director), Jon Monett (QL+ Founder), Conner Magnuson (Team Mountain Arm Member), Marco Lopez (Team Mountain Arm Member), Jordan Ambrose (Team Mountain Arm Member), Amanda Lingle (Team Mountain Arm Member), and Vanessa Salas (QL+ Project Manager).
Welcome to the Team Mountain Arm Senior Project Page! Team Mountain Arm was tasked with designing and manufacturing a new prosthetic arm to allow Cassie (on far left) to go backpacking comfortably.

Our Team

Photo of Amanda Lingle

Amanda Lingle

Amanda Lingle is a graduating Biomedical Engineering major. Last summer, she got the chance to work for Medtronic’s heart valve division. During her time at Cal Poly, she has gotten to work on several interesting biomedical projects including a start-up physical therapy device and a wheelchair attachment for a child with Spina Bifida. Outside of school, Amanda is the President of the club Cru and spends the rest of her free time either rock climbing or line dancing.

Amanda’s LinkedIn Profile

Photo of Conner Magnuson

Conner magnuson

Conner Magnuson is a graduating mechanical engineer seeking full-time opportunities. In his free time he enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, and spending time in nature. Therefore, designing a prosthesis to enable Cassie, a military vet, to enjoy backpacking and the outdoors comfortably was a suitable aspiration.

Photo of Jordan Ambrose

Jordan ambrose

Jordan Ambrose is graduating from Cal Poly SLO with a BS in Biomedical Engineering, and will be returning to Cal Poly in the fall to pursue her Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, with a Specialization in Regenerative Medicine. She is originally from Southern California and is planning on remaining in the area after obtaining her Master’s.
Photo of Marco Lopez

Marco Lopez

Marco Lopez is returning to Cal Poly for the 2020-2021 school year pursuing his Master’s as part of the BMED Blended Program – Project Track. He has been involved in several biomedical projects like researching how knee loads are affected with and without shoes. He has also been involved with outreach with local high school students through SHPE Jr. In his spare time, he likes to cook, hike, and study the Spanish and Japanese languages.

Marco’s LinkedIn Profile


We would like to thank QL+, our advisor Karla, and Cassie for providing us with the opportunity to hone our skills while working on a challenging project in a collaborative environment! We would also like to thank prosthetists Tim Bump and Matt Robinson for dedicating many hours throughout the year to provide us much needed guidance on this project!

Our Project's Video

Our Project's Digital Poster

Team Mountain Arm Poster
3D conceptual model of the prosthetic arm. Highlights the main components which are the socket, 2 Quick Fit straps, a locking mechanism, the E-400 elbow, and NEXO forearm
NEXO forearm assembly
Foam at the bottom of the socket has been trimmed to fit on top of the E-400 elbow
How the bottom of the socket would attach to the top of the E-400 elbow (before the carbon fiber layup)
Carbon fiber layup on bottom of the socket
Several sports bras have been modified by sewing Velcro straps to the bottom
Fully assembled prosthesis with the carbon fiber layup and attached to the sports bra.


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