TMTT Valve Attachment Process

The TMTT Valve Attachment Team was tasked by Edwards Lifesciences with developing an improved process and fixture for a new device in their Transcatheter Mitral and Tricuspid Therapies business unit.

Our Team

Noah Thompson

Mechanical Engineering

Noah co-led the design and prototyping of the fixture. His knowledge of rapid prototyping techniques and design for manufacturability and assembly allowed for home assembly of the fixture given the current circumstances.

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Tamar kazazian

industrial engineering

Tamar led the testing development of the project. Her knowledge of testing and analysis methods allowed the team to verify functionality of the fixture and verification of the project requirements.  

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devin debouk

general engineering

Devin co-led the design of the fixture. His design experience and ability to  convey design concepts allowed the group to integrate many unique concepts into the design of the fixture.

Paulina nguyen

biomedical engineering

Paulina led the design analysis of the fixture and contributed heavily to managing the project. She ensured that the team was meeting all deadlines and effectively delegated tasks amongst the group.

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The team would like to thank Paul Nguyen from Edwards Lifesciences for his continued support throughout the entirety of the project. We would also like to thank Jim Widmann, Lily Laiho, Vladimir Prodanov, and Karla Carichner for their guidance through the Interdisciplinary Senior Project program.


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