Insulated Solar Electric Cooker

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The Insulated Solar Electric Cooker (ISEC) was invented in 2015 by California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo students as an alternative to biomass cooking for people without access to renewable and reliable electricity. The ISEC has been further developed by a global learning community consisting of student groups, nonprofits, and local enterprises, directed by Dr. Pete Schwartz. The technology’s construction and use manuals are open source and publicly available as a document on the internet and are continuously being updated along with technological developments. To encourage local and sustainable manufacturing, international collaborators are expected to source production materials themselves and construct the cookers locally. In recent times though, ISEC collaborators have been having trouble successfully constructing and distributing cookers. Issues with sourcing, dissemination, and communication are all current barriers that ISEC is facing.

Our Team

The senior project team working on improving ISEC dissemination consists of the following class of 2021 industrial engineering students.

Grace Gius

Project Manager

Grace Gius is an industrial engineer from Concord, CA. Their main roles were manual design, project management, and communication between all related stakeholders.

Jefferson Mach

Assistant Project Manager

Jefferson Mach is an industrial engineer from Rowland Heights, CA. His main roles were evaluation, design, analysis, and implementation of new change process.

Julia Morris


Julia Morris is an industrial engineer from San Jose, CA. Her main roles were verification & validation of design options and user response analysis with updated design.

Jack Ng

agenda & Assignments

Jack Ng is an industrial engineer from San Leandro, CA. His main roles were project scheduling, researching literature, and providing additional support in all areas.


We would like to thank our project advisor Jill Speece, our sponsor Pete Schwartz, and the international ISEC learning community.

Our Project's Videos

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Our Project's Digital Poster


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