design challenge

Space Suit Attachment Quick Release System

Our senior project was based around a NASA Micro-g NExT Design Challenge to design, build, and test a spacesuit attachment quick release system. It is comprised of two components: the utility belt component and the EVA tool component, which interface to secure the tool to the belt.

Lunar Sample Container Dispensing Device

The Lunar Sample Container Dispensing Device senior project was developed for participation in the 2021 NASA Micro-g NExT design challenge. The objective was to design, build, and test a device that will hold sample bags as they are being filled during lunar surface extravehicular activity (EVA) operations in NASA’s upcoming Artemis missions. Once complete, the device will be tested in NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab by professional divers, with the potential to become the baseline design for the actual mission hardware.

Just Kitting Workstation

The 2020 SourceAmerica collegiate design challenge required our team to create a device that will help improve the quality of life and productivity of people with disabilities working in the kitting and packaging industry. This senior project focused on the design of the kitting workstation so that it is affordable, portable, and reusable.