Raytheon Production Process Improvement

The purpose of this project was to design, build, and test simulation models of Raytheon's radar manufacturing process. The models include the current state as well as future states that could potentially improve the current process. The simulation will be used at Raytheon by our project sponsor, Ed Martinez, as a tool to analyze potential production changes.

Our Team

Kyle Fenstermacher

Kyle Fenstermacher is a manufacturing engineer from Westport, CT. His main roles consisted of current state analysis, facilitating process understanding, and creation of simulation user guides.


Darion Guan is an industrial engineer from Piedmont, CA. His main roles consisted of project management, simulation design, data acquisition, and data analysis. 


Lorenzo Ruiz is an industrial engineer from Fairfield, CA. His main roles consisted of simulation design, scenario modeling  and facilitation of simulation handoff to the project sponsor.


Constantine Yap is an industrial engineer from Alhambra, CA. His main roles consisted of impact analysis, economic analysis, evaluation of scenarios, and final recommendations.


We would like to thank our project advisor, Jill Speece, Dr. Alessandro Hill, and our sponsor from Raytheon, Ed Martinez. All of these individuals provided our team with crucial guidance throughout the course of this project.

Our Project's Video

Please enjoy this overview which breaks down how we attempted to solve the project problem.

Our Project's Digital Poster