Industrial Engineering


The San Luis Obispo Police Department and SLOPD’s Community Action Team partnered with the senior project team in an effort to improve service assistance to the homeless population of San Luis Obispo. The project team worked closely with SLOPD Officer Tim Koznek and Social Worker John Klevins to increase the rate of services accepted over services offered.

RADiology Associates

Our team’s mission was to streamline Radiology Associates non-medical procurement process to meet upcoming organizational budget cuts. Closely working with our project sponsor, the team achieved project objectives in addition to KPI’s for a successful project.

thredUP Storage Capacity and Inventory Management

thredUP is experiencing a large influx of clean-out bags, overwhelming the current inventory system which has limited space and resources. Our aim is to optimize the storage area space and refine their receiving process in order to hold these bags more efficiently.

Construction Error Detection

Alongside MBH Architects, we studied how the implementation of Augmented Reality could have been used to streamline construction processes on their recently completed building in San Francisco, California. Our findings on this emerging technology were inspiring, and we are positive that it will better the future of MBH and the entire building industry.

Raytheon Production Process Improvement

The purpose of this project was to design, build, and test simulation models of Raytheon’s radar manufacturing process. The models include the current state as well as future states that could potentially improve the current process. The simulation will be used at Raytheon by our project sponsor, Ed Martinez, as a tool to analyze potential production changes.