Evidation Health is a company that collects biometric data from a wide variety of wearable devices through their app, Achievement. Evidation is built upon a foundation of user privacy and control over permissioned health data. This project is in partnership with them, focusing on creating a standard data model and ETL tool for sleep and step data across the wearable devices Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Oura Ring. A successful standardization would make this data more efficient for analysis, and in turn better aid with understanding disease and human health.

Raytheon Production Process Improvement

The purpose of this project was to design, build, and test simulation models of Raytheon’s radar manufacturing process. The models include the current state as well as future states that could potentially improve the current process. The simulation will be used at Raytheon by our project sponsor, Ed Martinez, as a tool to analyze potential production changes.

Cisco 1RU Chassis Standardization

Cisco currently designs a variety of custom chassis for different types of servers, routers, and switches. Our senior design project aims to reduce the number of custom chassis Cisco develops by standardizing the perimeter mounting locations for the printed circuit board assembly on the chassis.

CNC Feed Drive

The goal of this senior project was to design a linear actuator, similar to a CNC feed drive to be used as an educational tool in the Cal Poly Controls Lab and for graduate-level research.

Autonomous Foreign Object Remover for Glass Mat Fiber Feeder

The GAF, Shafter facility produces glass mat to be used as insulation for roofing. During this production process, foreign objects such as wood or fasteners can fall into the fiberglass strands. These foreign objects can damage the machines, tears in the glass mats, damage expensive components, and halt production for days. The scope of this project is to create an autonomous machine to be integrated into the GAF, Shafter production line that will consistently remove all of these foreign objects.