Tensile Testing Environmental Chamber

This project is to design an environmental chamber for an existing tensile testing machine in the Cal Poly composites lab. The sponsor for this project, Dr. Elghandour, needs to control the temperature of the environment chamber in order to test the material properties of samples under different thermal conditions. Grad students such as Marius Jatulis and Abdul Mohamed will use the environmental chamber to perform these tests, as well as any future Cal Poly student interested in learning about material properties in different temperatures.

Two teams will collaborate to create this project: one focusing on the physical structure of the chamber (Structures Team), and one focusing on the temperature control components (Controls Team).

Activities for Mech E’s

New lab activities for ME 329 – Mechanical Systems Design designed to embody Cal – Poly’s Learn by Doing motto.

Adaptive Vehicle Control

This is our Final Prototype for our Adaptive Vehicle Control device. We were tasked with creating a device that actuates a clutch pedal. The device accomplishes this by taking user input force at the horizontal pedal and pulling a wire attached to the clutch.