Mechanical Engineering

Recliner Worktable

The laptop worktable design project is sponsored by Mr. Harish Bhutani from Monaero Engineering, who sees a lack of market product support for the elderly and individuals with disabilities trying to use their electronics while comfortable in a recliner. Our design team targeted the problem and aim to develop and create a newly designed laptop worktable compatible with most recliners.

CARE: COVID-19 Abatement Return to Education

The project objective is to design and build a toolbox to enable k-12 teachers to feel safe in the classroom during the COVID-19  pandemic so that they can return to in-person teaching.

Adjustable Head Tube Angle Headset

The purpose of this project was to design, build and test a headset capable of changing the effective headtube angle of a mountain bike by +/- 2 degrees from the original headtube angle of the bike. The design had to be alterable on a ride with no tools needed.

SoleMates: Prosthetic Foot Shell Failure Protection

Our project’s focus is to extend the life of current foot shells that are sold in today’s market. Foot shells enable prosthetic users to wear shoes. Currently these shells are designed in a way where they fail in less than two months if used by active people. Our team has designed an insole and external sole for the foot shell to make it more robust and double the life of the shell.

SAVER: Body and Payload

The Surface Autonomous Vehicle for Emergency Response (SAVER) is one of a variety of competitions held by NASA Micro-G Neutral Buoyancy Experiment Design Teams (Micro-G NExT). The purpose of SAVER is to locate and bring survival supplies to astronauts in the case of a maritime event (i.e. splash down after mission or an abort during launch). Our team focused on the body and payload portions of the vehicle, while our Navigation and Control team focused on the autonomous navigation aspect of the design.

UAV for Medical Equipment Distribution

UAV for Medical Equipment Distribution is an unmanned lift design submitted in the 38th Annual Student Design Competition hosted by the Vertical Flight Society and sponsored by the Boeing Company. The design competition challenged teams to develop a system-level design for an unmanned aircraft capable vertical takeoff and landing and flying long distances while carrying a payload.

Replacement Composite Panels for a Wheelchair

While it might not look like much, inside this composite panel are two layers of foam separated by a carbon fiber layer. The current design for a new walking wheelchair presented to the team consists of heavy, chromoly steel trusses which need to be replaced with a lighter and more structurally sound alternative. Charlie Gutierrez believes that the solution to this design criteria lies within the use of composites, to create a new design replacing the three trusses with two simple panels. By doing so, it would be easier for the user to sit, stand, and walk using the new Dynawalk Wheelchair.

Bull BBQ Electric Grill

Our team has created an outdoor electric grill for Bull Outdoor Products. It has been created to help fill the need for electric grills in apartment complexes or places that do not allow gas or charcoal grilling.

Lunar Sample Container Dispensing Device

The Lunar Sample Container Dispensing Device senior project was developed for participation in the 2021 NASA Micro-g NExT design challenge. The objective was to design, build, and test a device that will hold sample bags as they are being filled during lunar surface extravehicular activity (EVA) operations in NASA’s upcoming Artemis missions. Once complete, the device will be tested in NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab by professional divers, with the potential to become the baseline design for the actual mission hardware.

Cisco 1RU Chassis Standardization

Cisco currently designs a variety of custom chassis for different types of servers, routers, and switches. Our senior design project aims to reduce the number of custom chassis Cisco develops by standardizing the perimeter mounting locations for the printed circuit board assembly on the chassis.

True Barrier Face Shield

Current cloth or disposable face masks are uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time and cause important facial communication cues to be concealed. The purpose of our project is to design a PAPR using commercially available products for Cal Poly professors going back to in-person classes to use that will not inhibit their facial communication cues.

Just Kitting Workstation

The 2020 SourceAmerica collegiate design challenge required our team to create a device that will help improve the quality of life and productivity of people with disabilities working in the kitting and packaging industry. This senior project focused on the design of the kitting workstation so that it is affordable, portable, and reusable.

Department of Energy: Solar Decathlon Design Challenge

Due to the high cost of living in urban areas and the emerging threats of climate change, low-income individuals and families in California need affordable, sustainable, and net-zero energy housing that will last for generations to come. The Solar Decathlon team designed an attached housing development in Watts, CA to to provide affordable housing for the community.

10S Bot – Autonomous Tennis Ball Collector

The Autonomous Tennis Ball Collector is a senior project sponsored by Dr. John Chen in an aim to completely change the way tennis balls are collected on the court. The robot utilizes machine vision to find the next closest tennis ball and then move to that position on the court. It has powered rotating cylinders that are able to collect the tennis balls off of the court and distribute them into an attached basket.

Unmanned Research Raft

The purpose of this project was to design, build, and test a new unmanned research raft for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Their current rafts are large and bulky, and a new smaller raft would make deployment and transportation easier, as well as allowing them to deploy more rafts. Our team’s redesign will hopefully serve as a new platform for their open ocean research and testing.

TransporTable – Design Collaboration Space

Our table with trapezoidal shape steel frame with folding tabletops is designed to replace the existing collaborative project tables in Bonderson 104. To promote minimum storage foot print, our table stacks together in a similar manner to the common shopping carts.

Robot Modular Attachment

Tactical robots provide first responders quick assessments of dangerous situations while keeping humans out of harms way. Our senior project involved creating a specialized attachment point for a tactical robot for SLO SWAT. This attachment point will be the interface between the main robot chassis and a variety of tools including a robotic arm with six degrees of freedom.

Adaptive Vehicle Control

This is our Final Prototype for our Adaptive Vehicle Control device. We were tasked with creating a device that actuates a clutch pedal. The device accomplishes this by taking user input force at the horizontal pedal and pulling a wire attached to the clutch.

Zero Energy HVAC

This project explores a method to heat and cool a tiny home in a way that requires no energy input, making it ideal for off-grid settings.

Composite LiftWalker for Shurouq

          The picture above shows our final prototype, successfully lifting our team member Daniel Martinez.

The goal of this senior project was to design and build a new version of our project sponsor Charlie Gutierrez’s LiftWalker for Shurouq, our client.

Shurouq is a young woman who lives with her family in Egypt. She was born with multiple health conditions which resulted in leg contractures that have since left her unable to walk.

Charlie’s device, the New LiftWalker, has helped dozens of people with disabilities similar to Shurouq’s. However, Charlie’s standard design is made of stainless steel weighing up to 80 lb, which is both difficult and expensive to send to Egypt. For this reason, Charlie turned to the Mechanical Engineering Department at Cal Poly, challenging us to redesign his LiftWalker out of lightweight composite materials.

Conserving The Legacy of the Swanton Pacific Railroad

The volunteers at the Swanton Pacific Railroad do not currently have favorable working conditions due to inadequate heating solutions in a cold wet environment. Additionally these weather conditions lead to an accelerated development of rust on the locomotives, parts, and equipment. The image above is the team with Matt Wieland on the far left followed by Joshua Giacone and Zack Allen.

California Solar Regatta – Propulsion

The SMUD Solar Regatta was established to promote renewable energy through solar technology and innovation. For our Senior Project, we designed and built the Propulsion System of Cal Poly’s boat.

Mug for Tremors

Mug for Tremors aims to provide a reliable and aesthetically pleasing mug meant to be used by veterans who have developed different levels of hand tremors. This mug uses stabilizing gimbal technology in order to reduce the amount of spilling while keeping a light and compact form.

Surf Sled

This project was designed and built for AmpSurf, a non-profit organization established to inspire and rehabilitate all people with disabilities and their families through Adaptive Surf Therapy and other outdoor activities. Our duty was to create a product that helped persons with lower body disabilities get from the beach to the ocean while lying on their surfboard.

Doggone It

Peter is a retired military veteran who had his right leg amputated above the knee. He uses a wheelchair to get around and needs a way to get his service dog in and out of his truck safely and easily. Our product will assist with prolonging the dog’s life and mobility.

Electromagnetic Actuator for Camless Engines

The purpose of this project was to design, build, program, and test an electromagnetic actuator that could be implemented on modern-day automobile engines. This project acts as a year-long senior project for four Mechanical Engineering majors at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO)